Save Us From McDonald’s

December 15, 2010

Those wonderful folks at the Center For Science In The Public Interest are doing God’s work and saving us all again.

CSPI is coming to the rescue of overwhelmed mom Monet Parham to file a class action lawsuit against those evil bastards at McDonald’s.

You know what those low lifes at Micky D’s have been doing? They’ve been marketing to children. That’s right, they’ve been putting TOYS in with their kids meals, just to get the kids to want to go to McDonald’s. Evil!

Then the kids, through no fault of their own of course, put pressure on their parents to take them for a Happy Meal. These wonderful parents don’t want to feed their kids that killing food at McDonald’s, but what can they do? The kids pester them, you know?

They can’t be expected to tell the kiddies “No.” They’ve done that before and the kids didn’t approve.

So the obvious answer is to have the courts do the parenting for them. If they can force McDonald’s to stop marketing to their kids they won’t have to do hard things like say, “No.”

This is all just wonderful. Except it’s not.

First we have the busy bodies at CSPI that know what’s good for us. Most of us aren’t smart enough to know that what’s served at fast food joints like McDonald’s is bad for us. So the people at CSPI are going to make sure we can’t eat that vile stuff. For our own good of course.

Then we have parents that don’t want to do the hard parts of parenting. They don’t want to control what the kids watch on TV. So when they don’t like the kids being exposed to McDonald’s commercials they seek to have the courts prevent the commercial from being aired, and even prevent the products from existing, just so they don’t have to bother being a parent.

And when the kids want a Happy Meal, heaven forbid they should have to be the bad guy and refuse to go to McDonald’s. The children just shouldn’t know there is a Happy Meal or a McDonald’s. They need a trip to law suit land.

It would be much easier, and the world would be a better place, if people that don’t really want to parent just don’t have children.

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