Give President Obama What He Wants

July 27, 2011

President Obama wants a couple of things in the solution to the debt ceiling issue.

  1. A “balanced approach” to the problem.
  2. “Shared sacrifice.”

I’m pretty sure he wants those things, because he’s said he does in all of his multiple daily speeches. Every day I hear him say he wants these items. The news is just full of him saying he wants them.

Those mean old Republicans have so far refused to give President Obama a “balanced approach” or “shared sacrifice.”  I think that’s a mistake.

I’m all for giving President Obama what he wants, what he asks for every single day. It will be easy. Simple even.

Congress should enact a 20% across the board cut in all Federal government programs, departments and spending. Every single one of them. And by the way, I’m not talking about those hocus-pocus baseline budgeting cuts you like to use. You know, the ones where you raise the spending less than you planned to and call that a cut. I’m talking about spending 20% less money next year than you spent this year. And the more I think about it, maybe that should be 30% across the board. Last years spending was just nuts.

That will give the president plenty of “shared sacrifice.” All the politicians can share the sacrifice. We the tax payers have sacrificed more than enough so these nimrods can stroke their egos and buy more votes to keep themselves in power. Time for them to do the sacrificing. Past time.

And I ask you, how can you get any more “balanced approach” than to make the spending cuts be across the board? Cut em all. That’s beautifully balanced.

President Obama has been working really hard on all this. He’s looking stressed out.

I think we should give him what he wants.

Of course in the spirit of compromise, which the Democrats also tell us they want, we can expect the president and his buddies will give us what we want. And that would of course be MORE CUTS!

Of course these are on top of the across the board cuts we gave the president so he can have his “balanced solution” and “shared sacrifice.” Those won’t be enough to get the balance budget we want and need, so… I’ll give you a couple of examples to get you started.

First up we’ll choose a department that’s a total waste – The Department of Education.  These clowns have been flushing our money down the toilet for a long time now, and yet the education system still doesn’t get the job done. I’m giving them a big ol’ failing grade. Their suggestion is they need even more of our money. I have a better idea. We should give them none of our money. That’s right, eliminate this waste of money completely.

I like that cut.

Next on the chopping block… the EPA. Oh, yeah. Talk about a bunch that has a swelled head and walks around with their chest all puffed out. The EPA has gotten way too big for it’s britches. Wanting to be a big part of that great money-suck called global warming, the EPA actually declared CO2 to be pollution. You know, that stuff that comes out when you exhale. This is really over the top. As we’re in compromise mode, we’ll only cut EPA by 50%. That should help them come down to earth.

And every time they get into the overreach mood and try to grab a new area of power, we’ll cut 10% more. Oh wait, they already have. With the help of the Army Corp of Engineers they’re trying to take control of every drop of water in the nation. So we’ll just add the first 10% overreach penalty. Cut EPA 60% now.

Oh, and cut 50% from the Army Corp of Engineers too. They’ve been in power grab mode too long  as well.

That’s enough for starters. We’ll have lot’s more shared sacrifice later.

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