How the 47% Can Get Revenge On Romney

October 1, 2012

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the “shocking, secret video” released by the Mother Jones people, that shows Mitt Romney telling about people he feels he has no chance at winning over in the upcoming election… the 47%’ers.

The part that’s supposed to be controversial is embedded below.

Mr. Romney says his message of lower income taxes won’t be all that exciting to the 47% of Americans that don’t pay any income tax. Sounds like plain old common sense to me.

Romney also mentions people living their life through “entitlements” probably aren’t too keen for a message of personal responsibility. That’s supposed to be shocking? I don’t think so.

The liberal media, like the Mother Jones people, are screaming about Romney “throwing away” the 47%. They claim he only wants to be president for half the nation – the rich half, of course.

They’re also trying as hard as they can to get Obama reelected and are grasping for anything they can find.

This comment was pulled from a long fundraising meeting he had. He was talking about campaign tactics (links to the full speech and transcript are at the bottom of this post).

Admitting there are a lot of people that won’t vote for him, and that he needs to concentrate his efforts on those few undecided voters in the middle isn’t shocking… it’s smart.

Like most smart business people, Romney is applying the 80/20 rule to his campaign. He’s talking about getting the most bang for his buck.

The liberals are all up in arms about this.

They want Romney to run his campaign like they run the government. They don’t care if something works. They want to throw money at it. If it doesn’t work, that just means they need to spend more of your money on it.

I like Romney’s approach of only spending money on something that will be effective, not on what sounds good.

But hey you 47%’ers out there, did Romney hurt your feeling? Did you feel he was “throwing you away?” No need to get your panties all bunched up. Want to get even with Romney for his remarks? It’s easy.

Vote for him. That’ll prove he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

If you want to see the entire video, or read the transcript, here you go:
Part 1Part 2Transcript.

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