Obama Got Mad

April 18, 2013

Yesterday the United States Senate failed to follow President Obama’s orders when they didn’t pass the gun control legislation he wanted. The vote was 54 – 46. 60 votes were needed to move the legislation forward.

President Obama got mad at them.

He gave a long rant. One of his comments stood out to me. He was giving the senate hell for, “going against the will of the American people.”

Ha ha ha… that’s a good one Mr. President.

Remember Obamacare? Remember how every poll about that showed “the American people” were overwhelmingly opposed to Obamacare? Poll after poll. Yet, with arm twisting, bribing and God only knows what other tricks, you got Obamacare passed.

Shame on you Mr. President, forĀ “going against the will of the American people.”

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