I Gave Money to a Liberal

June 27, 2011
Sayin No website

j.l. scott's Sayin No website

I consider liberals, or “progressives” as they now like to call themselves, to be the main reason our country is in such a mess.

But I gave money to one.

The lady is j.l. scott (that’s not me being too lazy to hit the shift key, she uses lowercase letters – maybe she’s an e.e. cummings fan).

I’ve been reading her work for years dealing with Internet marketing and business. Her newsletters have entertained and informed me for a long time. They include an occasional rant on the political side of life.

And believe me, j.l. can do some ranting.

She’s been getting herself so wound up about politics she decided to start a new website . Here is the goal she claims for her new site:

This is not a politically partisan web site, but … We’re Sayin’ “NO!” to corrupt politicians in BOTH parties – and “NO!” to the loss of our freedoms in the USA.Information regarding our “government’s” unacceptable activities appears on this web site. Solutions designed to be executed BY THE PEOPLE are also offered.

jl scott, Publisher
“Just Sayin’ …”

I’m all for saying no to corrupt politicians.

So I made a donation to help her get this site up and running.

I disagree with j.l. on a whole bunch of stuff. For instance, in her latest blog post about the economy she says,

At the very least, it seems to me the huge Federal deficit is the easiest to fix. Get rid of those damn tax cuts! How much simpler can it be?


The percentage of the GDP the federal government takes in as revenue has remained very steady throughout our history, regardless of the tax rate.

j.l. has been in business for years and she should be ashamed of herself for falling for one of the biggest copywriting tricks in existence. One of the most effective ways to sell someone is to set up a boogie man. Talk about some big, mean, greedy, evil bastard that’s out to get you. And of course they have the perfect thing to protect you from this boogie man.

The liberal politicians love to use big business as the boogie man. And the liberals will be only too happy to protect us all from these greedy monsters. j.l. has fallen completely for this tactic.

But one of the reasons this tactic works is because there is an element of truth in it. It feels right.

That’s because corporate lobbyists are all over Washington with their hands out. It works because crony capitalism is so rampant. Subsidies and grants to business are the norm.

And that’s wrong.

And if j.l.’s Sayin No site can help us reverse this, I’m all for her.

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