Accused Mass Killer James Holmes Had a Beer. Really Greta, Who Cares?

July 23, 2012

You sort of have to feel sorry for them. The 24/7 news channels have to talk about something. And they all want to scoop the other guys, so they often grasp for straws.

The mass murder that happened in the Colorado movie theater this past weekend is just one example of this crazy coverage frenzy the networks go into.

I like Fox News. I think Greta Van Susteren is pretty level headed and professional most of the time. Her show tonight just left me shaking my head a couple of times.

When something like this happens, all the news people swarm the area, looking for ANYBODY that knew the accused.  Or anyone that even SAW the accused killer in the weeks and days leading up to the event.

While on the Sean Hannity show, which precedes her’s, Van Susteren teased an interview with a gun club owner, telling us he felt James Holmes, the accused killer, was so looney he wouldn’t even let him join the club. She stated, “If I were the defense lawyer, that would be one witness, that, if I’m going to raise the insanity defense, that’s the witness I zero in on.”

During the interview on her show, On The Record, the range owner said he never talked to James Holmes, but he had a creepy answering machine message. Seems he never met the guy, and never even talked to him. His only contact with Holmes was his answering machine message. If this guy is the witness you’re hanging your defense on, well, polish up old sparky, KillerBoy is going to fry.

Later in her show, reporter Griff Jenkin did an interview with Mr. Jackie Mitchell, a patron of the Zephyr Lounge. Mr. Mitchell said he saw Holmes on Tuesday evening at the bar. Had in fact seen him there several times before, but this was the first time he’d actually met him.

Holmes sat at a table next to his group. Mitchell and his friends were talking about sports, mostly football. Holmes may have made one comment about the Broncos. Oh yeah, Holmes had brown hair that night, not the flaming orange we’ve all seen from his courtroom appearance.

Then Jenkin talked to the owner of the bar who said that he and his staff are certain Holmes wasn’t in their bar a few days before he opened fire in the movie theater. He keeps an eye on things, and Holmes hadn’t been in his bar. Of course, if he had to testify in court, he couldn’t really say he was that sure.

All totaled Fox News used up a few seconds less than six minutes on this great investigation – oh yeah, I timed it.

My question is – WHO GIVES A CRAP?

What difference does it make if James Holmes had a beer in a local bar a few nights before he became a household name – and destroyed so many lives?

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